Friday, October 18, 2019

Do's and don'ts in Affiliate marketing

Over the last decade, affiliate marketing 
has become the number one channel for 
acquiring customers via online marketing. 
Prior to this, brokers and brands in general 
used to have massive media buying, PPC 
and SEO departments investing unlimited 
funds on CPM or PPC campaigns, 
with the aim to convert leads into 
overspending in many companies - the 
successful few still manage these efforts 
inhouse. But then something changed: 
Affiliates started to enter the market. 
So, who are those magical angels we 
call affiliates? Essentially, they are media 
buyers, SEO or content experts that are 
sourced to carry out marketing efforts 
and later get compensated retroactively 
for every customer they send to a broker 
(leads, new paying clients and at times - 
Finding a few affiliates and getting them 
to send you unlimited traffic may sound 
easy. However, before we get to the dos 
and don’ts, let’s try to get familiar with 
the pros and cons of having an in-house 
affiliate program as opposed to the 
option of working with affiliate networks.
Among the pros of running your very 
own in-house affiliate program is the 
ability to control and assess the quality 
of your affiliate marketing efforts. Many 
networks will not be fully transparent
because they simply wish to breast their 
cards; if they reveal who their affiliates 
are and their performances, both you and 
the affiliate will prefer to cut the network 
out. Moreover, it is in the network’s interest 
to let affiliates send as much traffic 
and sales to you as it means that while 
they are getting paid according to the 
agreement, your interest is to control the 
volumes and value as you will still need 
to deal with the ROI later. Therefore, they 
will not reveal their affiliates to you but 
will rather use encrypted subid`s for their 
No transparency means that you have 
no idea where you are being promoted, 
which ads are being used etc.; this poses 
many regulatory risks that could later be 
very costly to you. When working with 
affiliates, it is crucial they represent your 
brand appropriately beyond just driving 
clicks, registration and sales. Therefore, 
managing your own affiliate program 
would allow you to control who is 
promoting you making sure that they are 
driving high quality traffic to you.

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